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All the Best Parties happen in The Kitchen

The Kitchen hosts events that use communal cooking and food as the focal point for a creative, immersive dining experience.  


What is Participatory Dining?

The Kitchen created the concept of Participatory Dining built around the notion of cooking as a bonding activity. These events are designed to involve guests in the actual preparation of the meal that is served. Each recipe on the menu is prepared by the guests to create a dinner party fit for every food enthusiast. 

The flow of the evening is structured so that a portion early on is devoted to cooking then everyone comes together communally to dine once the meal is finished, plated, and served. The best parties always end up in the kitchen. Come and hang out in ours! 



Run 3-4 hours in length 

Accommodate 10-50 guests 

Customizable themes & menus 

Perfect for Celebrationists 



Elevate any occasion to the extraordinary with a private Participatory Dining event at The Kitchen. 

Choose from existing themes and menus or collaborate with The Kitchen to develop one that suits your needs. Pricing, available dates, booking information, and general questions can be answered by phone or email. 




Engagement Parties

Rehearsal Dinners

Team Builders 


Retirement Parties 

Baby Showers 

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs 

Milestone Birthdays 



The Kitchen blurs the line between patron and chef, elevating the culinary experience by hosting unique collaborative dining parties. Here is a complete listing of the services and events we offer. 

Want to treat that special foodie in your life? You can now purchase a gift certificate to The Kitchen!


Types of Events

Participatory Dining

A night at the Kitchen puts you in a commercial cooking environment with professional tools and the finest seasonal ingredients. We will guide you through every step of creating your meal. Whether you come to a traditional cooking event where we explore ethnic cuisine or you attend one of our more whimsical themed nights, you are sure to laugh a lot, make some delicious food, and learn something along the way. Events are priced individually based on ingredients, number of courses and theme. Check our calendar for specific details and pricing for each event. Interested in more information on what a night of participatory dining entails? Click here to view our Participatory Dining Guide. Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Private Parties

Our primary goal is to help you and your guests reclaim dining as a celebration of each day, and even more so on that special occasion. Whether you want to explore basic cooking techniques or wade into more adventurous culinary waters, The Kitchen is the perfect place to host your private cooking party. Contact us for pricing.


Catered Events

The Kitchen offers catering with a focus on seasonal ingredients and sophisticated flavors. Our chef will prepare a menu tailored to complement your birthday, shower, or other private event. Our space is conveniently located on the north edge of German Village and provides a refined, eclectic atmosphere perfectly suited for celebrations and special events.


Corporate Events

Participatory and collaborative dining, where your team is guided through the preparation and execution of a complete menu, is a refreshing alternative to the tired corporate team-building activities you may have experienced in the past. We can accommodate groups up to 45 and provide a fun and unexpected experience designed to strengthen camaraderie, teamwork, and leadership.

Taco Tuesday

Every Tuesday evening (5pm-9pm) we host our own pop-up restaurant, so you can come without a reservation and experience The Kitchen without having to cook for yourself. The menu is al a carte and typical price range for dinner is $12-15 per person.


Let's Celebrate!