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Tablao Flamenco Performance and Tapas Dinner

Flamenco Purple

The Kitchen welcomes back the FLAMENCO COMPANY OF COLUMBUS for a tapas dinner party and Flamenco performace.


You are welcomed to The Kitchen with a lovely display of Spanish cheeses and charcuterie.

1st Course

Olive Swirl Bread

Pimentons Relleno (Tuna)


2nd Course

Smokey Chicken Bites

Papas Bravas with Paprika Aioli

Shrimp & Chorizo Bites

3rd Course

Majorcan Almond Cake


Pricing is per person. Full Bar is available at standard rates.

Please note that this is not a participatory dinner.

Please check out our refund policy before reserving with us. If you have a dietary restriction please indicate that in the notes section of your reservation and we will do our best to make a suitable substitution.


Karl Wohlwend, Michael Yonchak had never played flamenco music professionally until they met Griset Damas-Roche who came to Columbus in January 2014. Karl and Michael are Associated Professors at Otterbein University and musicians and powerful musicians in their own right! They started playing flamenco music with Griset in late 2015 and together they have made numerous presentations at schools, libraries, universities and private celebrations, trying to promote this passionate art of Spanish origin in Ohio.

Our beautiful songstress is Dolores Ramirez Ruiz. She is from Sevilla, Spain. She used to sing only for family parties, but now he great state of Ohio has motivated her to share her voice with all of us.

Griset Damas Roche was born in Havana, Cuba and studied ballet from the ages of 6 to 18 years old. She then auditioned for the Spanish Ballet of Havana and was granted the position of Soloist. In 1998, she moved to Colombia where she continued to develop her career and managed to leave a mark as a flamenco dancer and teacher. In January 2014, life brought her to Columbus, OH and she quickly became part of the flamenco movement that existed in Columbus and has managed to give a boost to flamenco with the opening of her dance studio UWILLDANCE. This is the only dance studio in Ohio that offers flamenco dance lessons for all levels. Please check out for more information.


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