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Lagos in Columbus Pop-Up Dinner


Join us for a night with Tunde Wey. A native of Nigeria and residing in New Orleans,  Tunde is bringing his pop-up dinner restaurant Lagos to The Kitchen. Wey was recently featured on a NPR segment covering the popularity of his cooking and pop-up concept, but also his struggles with U.S. immigration courts. With his own style, Chef Wey is determined to bring the Nigerian tastes to more cities and share his story.  This event is co-presented with Mstyle.

Menu (this menu is tentative)

Rice: Jollof/ Fried/ Coconut

Beans: Frejon/ Fried Bean Fritter/ Steamed Bean Cakes/ Beans

Yam: Pottage/ Fritters/ ojojo

Plantains: Roasted/ Fried

Goat: Pepper Soup/ Peppered Goat / Goat Head

Fish: Oven Baked

Chicken: Thrice Cooked

Savory Stews: Egusi/ Okra/ Banga

Sweet pastries: Puff puff, bunz, macaroons

Savory pastries: Meat pie

Snacks: Charred corn w/ eggplant, groundnut + popcorn, puff puff, chin chin

This dinner is restaurant style, reservations required. There are two seatings available. There will be a full bar available on site (additional fees apply). 

Tunde Wey's Bio:

about me.

my name is tunde wey. i was born in LAGOS, moved to good ol' detroit at 16 (to pursue an abortive college career). detroit has been my home until my most recent move to new orleans in early 2015. as a naija guy, i've run the gamut of enterprisese. i'm kind of a writer; i have some cringeworthy public speaking credits (creative mornings, tedx); i also started another restaurant that you should visit; and somewhere before all that i founded a local crowdfunding website. here are the salient things: i enjoy cooking while downing belgian trippels beer; i am arguably the most mediocre futbol talent in the country; i aspire to niche celebrity as a DJ (i'm coming for your spot paris hilton!); i LOVE rap music; i disdain capitalized sentences; my punctuations skills are subpar; aaaaaaand

that's it.

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